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Can you locate water lines?

Yes, and no. We are able to locate waterlines if the line is copper/metal. If the line is plastic we can only locate it if it has a tracer wire. If the conduit has no tracer wire we can use witching sticks to give an approximate location but it is not guaranteed.

Can you detect buried oil tanks?

Yes, We use an LMX 100 machine to scan the ground for anomalies. We can determine the anomaly and the approximate location, but it is up to the customer to dig down and confirm. Access to the house may be needed to look for abandoned oil lines and spouts.

Do you do concrete scanning?

Yes, we can perform concrete scanning as long as there is no rubber backing on additional flooring.

How do i go about getting a locate?

The first step in booking a locate is to place a BC1Call You can either contact the call center (800)474-6886 or place on line ( . If Shaw is in your area please contact DigShaw as well ( We require all maps on site for the locator. These maps take approximately 2-3 business days to receive. Once the BC1Call package is together you can call the office and book an appointment.